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    Frequently Asked Questions

Why to appeal to Cabinet & Coll?

Recruitment is important and even decisive in the conduct of specialized projects. The areas of expertise highly qualified requires a good knowledge of these areas, so that
recruitment become fully justified. This strong specialization could increase considerably the time and energy devoted to recruiting.
Our expertise in this area and our large network of candidates, permit us  to find the right person  in a quite short time, and thus relieve your teams, of a task that could prove long and tedious.
Moreover, The Cabinet & Coll. is the only one specialist in the recruitment of research staff.  It's a measure of competence and seriousness.

Who is responsible for recruiting the candidate?

The person the most able to understand your needs, according his own scientific specialty, will be asked to treat your demand. She selects the right candidates and  address you, their candidacy. The final decision belongs to you, unless you decide to extend our mission to the recruitment.

How does the recruiting?

Depending on the type of position, specialty and location desired, we submit one or more candidates,  possessing the qualities and skills required for the mission. You meet the candidates and then we meet to take stock of these applications.

What happens if the candidates proposed were not suitable?

We do our best to find the right person, however, for very highly specialized positions or some  remote location, it may be that the ideal candidate does not exist or is not available. In this case,  we will introduce the candidacy that is the  best suited to your needs. If the right candidate is not  found, the search continues based on what has been anticipated and included in the mission contract.
Our goal is to fully satisfy your request and we put all our resources to achieve this.

How long does it take between the mission order and presentation of candidates?

When we receive a mission mandate , we immediately do everything to find your candidates. Note that some parameters of this research does not depend only on us, but also on the level of specialization and the desired location. Find candidates can then take more or less time. For information,  it can need 2 to 3 weeks, but we strive to minimize this delay. In some cases it may be longer. Then, you will be inform very soon, so that you make your decisions knowingly.
Our commitments: serious and responsiveness.

Where to submit my application for recruitment?

You contact us by email specifying the characteristics of (s) position (s), location, time of recruitment considered and contact information.
One of our recruitment team contact you, within 24 hours, in order to understand your needs  and expectations about the candidate and the job and send you a contract for the mission from recruiting firm. In the same time, he will responds to any question you may have.
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